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It’s shocking how fast those sweet babies grow up to be little humans, ready to begin their educational journey with preschool. We asked some expert educators to help us craft this survival guide to help you assist children and their families on the first day of preschool and beyond.

As a preschool teacher, you want to make sure your students have an easy transition into your classroom. These tips will help you squash those first-day jitters for the little learners in your care!

Lots of activities and shuffling around might get overwhelming but IIGT encourages teachers to bank on the excitement kids will have about new toys and play areas on the first day. Sometimes the simple redirection of pointing out something exciting can help a child adjust to their new environment. The tried and true methods of crouching down, looking children in the eyes and speaking slowly can go a long way when you want to check up on your young students. Asking questions about how they’re feeling, normalize their feelings and encourage positive thinking.

Some kids will transition into their environment with gusto, but for those who are feeling shy or upset, sitting down to color or make a creative project can help them express how they feel. Have them draw pictures and talk about what they are drawing. They can draw the preschool or draw their home and share about that—sometimes having those tangible drawings and an outlet for expression can be helpful.

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